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Request it, authorize it, execute it

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Request and approval

Our interactive platform challenges the way you work by offering you with a new and innovative approach to your management system. You can better manage your team with this user-friendly interface which simplifies the request and approval process for both the applicant and the authorizer. This unique feature also promotes real-time and transparent communication between team members. You can also enjoy tracking the development of your own projects and tasks while taking advantage of the other productive and engaging features, which can process requests and approvals transparently among the team.

Other features


Keep an eye on things; see what’s going on with the task.


Keep business and personal things separated into different lists.

Sub tasks

Make small tasks within a big task.

Quick updates

Find out the progress with one click.

Team view

See what everyone is doing.

Upload files

Upload pdf, pictures, word files, etc.. to your task or request.


Be reminded when things are due.


Get push notifications when there is something new.


Everything is seamlessly synced across all your devices.

Multi lingual

No habla español? No problem. Language options are available for international users.


Get detailed performance reports on your team, see who’s the MVP.


Rate your team on how well the job is done.

Access from all you devices

Kollabr works on iPhone, iPad, Andriod devices, Windows, Mac and all web browsers, and keeps everything in sync.